About Us

Our Story

Afrosoft Holdings was established in April 1999 by a consortium of business people from the banking and allied industries as a research project specializing in software development, engineering, and distribution of software solutions.

In 2014 we re-branded ourselves to match our newfound purpose. This re-branding exercise involved redefining our core product lines and introducing a new corporate identity. With all these tools in our artillery, we stay on the pursuit of being a brand that impacts lives such as yours.

In 2019, Afrosoft Holdings chose to start serving the rest of Africa by opening offices in Tanzania trading under the name Breakthrough Technologies Africa which offers quality service & the same software solutions which Afrosoft Holdings offers.

We can’t wait for you to be a part of our story!

Our Experience

We have developed numerous software applications and systems for various enterprises and statutory bodies as well as fellow solution providers who required tailored systems for their own customers. Our products take into consideration infrastructure, power and other environmental factors that may pose a risk to software solutions.

Our know-how is fully demonstrated by recurring awards which include our 2009 ‘Top Innovative ICT Company in Africa’ Award, 2014 ‘Most Customer Focused Organization’ Award and our 2017 ‘Most Trusted ICT Brand Awards’ award voted by consumers. Afrosoft won these in recognition of the company’s innovativeness in the software solution development.

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