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Instapay — Convenience in an app

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you forgot to buy electricity but all the local shops were now closed or wanted to pay your City of Harare bills but didn’t have any hard cash, or maybe you wanted to purchase your Telone ADSL but couldn’t find time to go there. If this sounds familiar, don’t panic calm down, don’t worry anymore! I’m here to tell you not to worry at all as I present to you a solution you’ll love.

“Innovation is just connecting things” -Steve Jobs

Afrosoft understands this concept very well and amid the rise of mobile money and unfortunate emergence of the liquidity crunch, released Instapay in 2014, as an easy and convenient way to purchase bills and buy airtime using e-money.

Instapay is a platform for paying bills and purchasing airtime across platforms anywhere you are, anytime you want. Instapay is convenience in your smartphone.

The Journey

Initially released as just an android mobile application to purchase airtime and electricity, we sought to make our service accessible to everyone. We have since conquered the 3 main channels for technology including an app on the IOS app store, and a website, allowing users of all platforms to have access to this convenient service.

Additional bill payment options have also been added that include City of Harare, ZOL, Telone, with many more on the way. The intended goal is to finally have Instapay as a one stop shop for all your bill payments; from paying ZETDC bills and prepaid electricity tokens, school fees, TV subscriptions, etc. We are continually building integrations with new service providers and always welcome new opportunities.

Understanding that cash isn’t easily available in today’s economy, users can make bill payments on Ecocash using several e-payment methods allowing you flexible bill payment options. Users can currently pay their bills using Ecocash, Telecash, Visa or MasterCard and integrations into One Money and V-Payments is work in progress and will be available soon.

At Afrosoft we understand how important the customer is and as such we have also added the following services and components to make sure Instapay gives you the best service possible.

1) 24hr support via calls and emails

We have a 24/7 support team always readily available to attend to any queries, comments and suggestions, via phone call, email or message. This ensures you, our client, is always satisfied and happy at all times.

2) Saved transactions records

Our app automatically saves a record of all your transactions for later reference and for payment reconciliation. Additionally, we keep you notified of your transactions status, at each and every stage, so you can rest easy while we process your payments

3) Saving your account details

We understand how tedious it can be to always enter your account details when making payments and as such we also give you an option to pre-save your details. Such details are pre filled at any time you wish to make a bill payment.

4) Airtime Purchase

Setting airtime amount is no longer fixed and users can enter any amount they wish to purchase. Users can also add decimal amounts and are not only restricted to selecting from supplied options provided only.

5) Transaction Notification

Users are now notified with notifications when their transactions are complete or when they fail instead of leaving the user in suspense.

6) Web or Mobile

We appreciate users’ preference in using different types of smart phones or tablets. With that in mind, Instapay has apps on both the android playstore and iOs app store. In case you are not into mobile apps, we also have a website where you can go and make your payments.

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