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Afrosoft a shining Star

April 1999 is when AFROSOFT was established. It all started when two wise men decided innovation was the way to go. Having the saying, ‘the sky is the limit’, in mind they grew from software engineers in the financial services sector to co-founders of Afrosoft a software development company.

“Great things in business are never done by one person.They are done by a team of people ” -Steve Jobs

Eng. John Mberi and Kundiso Matanga had this in mind and made Afrosoft grow by employing young and innovative engineers,business experts and project managers who are highly experienced, with vast diversified knowledge and certified in their respective capacities.One notable partnership was with a fast growing and reputable South African based company called AdaptIT.

Afrosoft has continuously received recognition from a number of organizations for its achievements in the software development field. The company has developed numerous applications and systems for different enterprises and statutory bodies as well as fellow solution providers who required specific solutions for their own customers.

The first award that Afrosoft won was in 2004 when it was the 1st Runner-up for Manager of the Year awarded by the Zimbabwe Institute of Management.This was a great motivation for the team and encouragement to work towards achieving their goals.

In 2008 it went on to being the 1st Runner-up of the Most Innovative SMME in Africa awarded by the Africa Growth Institute of Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2009 Afrosoft won the Top ICT Innovative Company Award. This award is continental and prestigious, recognizing companies which excel in creativity and technological innovation sponsored by the African ICT Achievers Awards based in South Africa.

In 2010 Afrosoft received a KMFS CEO Achievers Award Zimbabwe and 4 other awards by the National ICT Achievements Ministry of ICT Zimbabwe.

In 2011 Standard association of Zimbabwe awarded Afrosoft with an award for quality product.

“No great achievement is possible without persistent work” -Steve Jobs

Afrosoft understands this concept and strives to excel in all aspects.The team continued to be innovative focusing on developing custom software applications that best matched the needs and requirements of their clients which is derived from the company’s values which are

Commitment,Integrity,Innovation and Vision.

In 2013 Afrosoft was back in the game with a bang and was awarded by Zimbabwe Institute of Management as the second runner-up of the Human Resources Development award.

In 2014 Afrosoft received awards for the 1st runner-up for the Most Focused Organisation and the 1st runner-up for the Best Call Centre Technology Supplier. Both awards were from Contact Centre Association in Zimbabwe.

The journey continued as Afrosoft kept on excelling and flying the flag up high as 3 more awards came its way in 2015 ,MAZ Gold Member awarded by Marketers Association of Zimbabwe,1st Runner-Up as the Best CRM and Call Centre Vendor Supplier awarded by Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe and lastly 1st Runner-Up for the Best ICT Company of the Year awarded by Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce.

Innovate, improve and excel. Afrosoft appreciates the value of both improvement and innovation, and it knows that while these terms may have different meanings, they are equally critical for long-term business success. By embracing both methods of increasing business value it did not only survive, but thrives in today’s competitive marketplace.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”. -Helen Keller

2017 has been a year of victory in all areas, new products, upgrades, new clients, different strategies, new ideas, increased income and improved techniques .

Commitment hinging on integrity builds trust. Afrosoft believes that the most valuable and extremely substantial commodity in business is trust. It also acknowledges the fact that integrity builds trust in relations with others and it is able to balance dignity, accountability and to share values with others , hence got nominated at the Consumer’s Choice Awards. Our values, commitment, integrity, innovation and vision are just not decorative, we walk our talk and this award speaks for it.

Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management (CICRM) hosted the event and awarded Afrosoft the winner of the Most Trusted Brand 2017. CICRM had nominated several companies seeking to honour organizations that have remained sensitive to consumer rights,adhered to high quality standards,have been honest,reliable and credible despite the economic turbulence and a hostile operating economic environment.The consumers then voted Afrosoft as the company that was never wavered by the troubled economic environment.

This being said and done Afrosoft would like to express its heartfelt thanks to its stakeholder being the clients,staff members,Board of Directors and loyal public who generously contributed their time to vote.Customers are the foundation of business success and Afrosoft appreciates their loyalty and is thankful that they have placed their trust in them.

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