Our Values





Our Vision

"To create an empowerment vehicle for all stakeholders, by the development of competitive and integrated world class information technology solutions distributed through global business synergies."

'We bring you the future...Today'

Our Experience

Afrosoft Holdings has developed numerous software applications and systems for different enterprises and statutory bodies as well as fellow solution providers who required specific solutions for their own customers.Afrosoft creates software solutions that take into consideration the infrastructure, power and other environmental factors that may pose a risk to our software solutions.

Afrosoft is a holder of the ‘Top Innovative ICT Company in Africa Award 2009’. This is an award sponsored by the South African Department of Communications and Afrosoft won it in recognition of the company’s innovativeness in the development ICT solutions leveraging on mobile network technologies to improve the lives of the people of Africa.

Afrosoft has developed and implemented software solutions for various organizations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

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